Who is Jessica?


Hi everyone! I am Jessica W. Marx, a registered pharmacist. I graduated from a prestigious university last year and have passed the board exam this year, 2015. Well, I really wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to enter med school before but due to financial instabilities my parents wasn’t able to send me there. So I decided to look for pre-med courses so I can still pursue my dream and continue studying medicine with the use of my own investment. That is why I came up to choose BS Pharmacy as a course. It is the nearest course I think in the field of medicine.

Pharmacy mainly deals with drugs, it mechanism of action, side effects, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics; since I wanted to become a doctor and if I become one I will be prescribing drugs for patients, I have chosen pharmacy.

Now, I am currently working as a hospital pharmacist. I have chosen this field of pharmacy to familiarize myself in hospital setting. I love science! Yes, it’s true. I love experimentations and discoveries. I love to hear different science related information and make blogs about it. You’ve read it right, I make blogs. As a sideline job, I make blogs. You can visit my account at I write random topics but I mainly my blogs are science related.

Topics I used to write:

• Science and health. As a pharmacist, I know different science-related topics. I usually make blogs regarding drugs, disease- how to prevent, risk factors, treatment, signs and symptoms and causes.
• Technology. I make blogs about the latest trends in science- instruments, equipment like HPLC, GC, microscope- how they work and how to use them. Another than science-related technology blogs, I also have blogs about computer and cellphones- the best brands and features.
• Fitness. As a female, I am very conscious regarding my health and figure. So as a response I put my lifestyle habits into a blog. So with this, people may be inspired and get some tips to follow healthy living.
• Random topics. I also have one or two blogs related to shopping, shoes, music and photography since those are my hobbies when I have free time and distressing myself from work.
As you visit my site you can leave comments and suggestions. Feel free to read as you browse my blogs on my account. So if you are interested, come visit it today and be I inspired and learn.