Crib and Twin Mattresses: What are the Differences?

Crib and Twin Mattresses: What are the Differences?

There are many parents who let their toddlers enjoy a restful sleep in a twin mattress. There are also beds that use toddler mattresses. But which of these two is the right one for your child? One of the most important activities of your kid is to sleep. They all spend a lot of time in their beds and most of them will use the same bed and same mattress for the next 10 years or so. This is why it is crucial for parents like you to select the right mattress for your precious little one.

To know whether you should use a crib or twin mattress for your child, here are the different aspects of the two that you should know about:

  1. Size

When it comes to the size, a crib mattress in general should be around 51 inches in length with a width of 27 inches. A child who is more than three and a half feet tall should not be using a crib as recommended by experts. Additionally, if you have two fingers that can fit if you place them between the crib and the mattress, you’re putting your child at risk.

Meanwhile, a twin mattress is 75 inches in length and 39 inches wide. Obviously, this mattress is bigger than the crib mattress, but this is designed for just one person even though it is named “twin.” It is also recommended that the user is not over five feet and seven inches. However, if your child is taller, you can find this mattress in XL size, which can provide about five more inches in length.

  1. Varieties

Both the crib mattress and the twin mattress come in two main varieties:

  • Foam: This type is great for those looking for light and movable mattresses. The lightness though means it does not provide enough firmness and density.
  • Spring: While both have spring varieties, the difference lies in the number of coils. Crib mattresses typically have 150 coils, but twin mattresses’ coils are fewer because they usually come with pillow or foam toppers.

Air mattresses can also be in twin size, but cribs don’t. While twin mattresses have toppers, crib mattresses come with covers made of nylon and sometimes vinyl. Nylon is more preferred because of its durability, but it can make your baby uncomfortable because it can trap heat. Meanwhile, twin mattresses have fabric coverings and sometimes a padding to make them more comfortable.


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