Firm vs Soft Mattress: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Firm vs Soft Mattress: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Mattresses are an important part of our lives. But even though we spend our nights sleeping on them, most of us don’t really know much about mattresses. When it’s time to buy a new one, there are a lot of factors to consider and one of them is whether we should buy a soft mattress or go for a firm mattress.

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, you may have been told that a firm mattress is the right choice. But there is conflicting information about this since there are also experts who say a softer mattress is better. So, which one is it really?

Soft vs. Hard Mattress

As you do your research on mattress, you will find that there are people who favor hard mattresses, while there are some who support soft mattresses. Some would also say that the right mattress is the one you’re comfortable sleeping on. But the truth is it’s not just the firmness level of the mattress that you should consider. It is critical that the mattress has the ability to provide support to the right parts of the body.

But there are some reasons why you should pick a hard mattress over a soft one, such as:

  1. New sleep ergonomics states that less is better when it comes to mattresses. This means if there’s less cushioning, the more support it provides.
  1. Hard mattresses also help facilitate better spine position, so that it remains in its neutral or normal place.
  1. The bones should also have good resistance, so as to improve quality of sleep. A harder or firmer bed can force the bones to take most of the pressure. This gives you a restful sleep at night because the muscles are free and the veins and arteries are relaxed.

But the reasons above don’t mean you should choose a firm mattress just yet. If you’re thinking about buying a soft mattress, you can benefit from it as well:

  1. A study in Spain actually says that a soft mattress is better for people with back pains.
  1. Soft mattresses work better for aging people as they find it better to deal with joint problems.
  1. A soft mattress is also ideal for slimmer individuals because they can enjoy the feeling, without worrying about spinal support.

To find out what is really good for you, take advantage of the trial provided by the store. This helps you save on money because you can check how well your body responds to the mattress before you pay for it.

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